Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Critical Illness Insurance

No one likes to think about the possibility of suffering from a serious critical illness, but if it were to happen to you, the consequences would be devastating for the financial security for you and your family. How would your loved ones cope? How would you pay your bills and meet all you business or personal financial obligations if a critical illness happened to you now? You need critical illness coverage. If you couldn't work due to your illness or accident, would you need to make alterations to your home? Would you need to hire home health care assistance? Would a serious critical illness prevent you from being able to pay the bank or mortgage company for your home loan? If so, what would happen to the standard of life that you have worked so hard to achieve? You would lose it, that's why critical illness coverage is required as a safe guard. There is no substitute for Critical Illness Insurance.Just like making a will, thinking about Critical Illness Insurance is something that many people prefer to put off until later. But, do remember that we are all at risk and sooner or later, it could be you who is diagnosed. In many cases an individual will loose their insurability, before the loose their health. How grateful would you be to have a Critical Illness insurance policy to support you during those troubled times? Would a lump sum payment be the answer? If so, Critical Illness insurance can be crafted to pay its benefit as you choose. No one expects to become ill but ask yourself one question, do you know anyone that has recently contracted a serious illness that has changed their lifestyle? Put your mind at ease with a no obligation quote from PHA.

Compare Coverage Before You Purchase

Whether you need a single trip, or annual travel insurance policy it makes sense to shop around and try to get the best level of coverage you need at a the most competitive price possible. At Private Health Associates, US we aim to provide a comprehensive range of policies, at the most competitive prices. To achieve this we hold appointments with a variety of domestic and international carriers who offer different levels of coverage that encompass a wide spectrum of requirements including low cost basic travel insurance, limited coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, coverage for hazardous sports, leisure activities, emergency medical evacuation and war & terrorism. We also provide policies that can be taken out if you have already left your home country, either because it slipped your mind at the time or because you find that you need to extend your stay longer than originally planned.